Website Setupp Assistance: Paige made my website dreams coming true! Being that I am someone who struggles (… a lot) with technology, I knew I wanted to find someone to help. Paige immediately jumped in and offered to help. She had great suggestions and ideas to help the page run smoother that I hadn’t even thought of AND she did it in no time! I would HIGHLY recommend Paige. Amazing TAT and quality. Thank you so much! -Madison R. 

Mockup & Upload: Paige is absolutely incredible to work with. She made amazing mock ups and loaded them to my website for me the amount of stress she lifted from me you wouldn’t believe. She is incredibly fast at her work and does amazing. If you are on the fence about this don’t be I promise you won’t regret it at all!! Thank you Paige for putting up with my hot mess and helping me so much I am truly grateful for everything you do!